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Shaping, Planing and Slotting Operations

Shaping, Planing and Slotting Operations Lec No. 12- 13 BY Prof .A.Chandrashekhar. Introduction Shaping, planning and slotting can be defined as the process of removing metal from a surface in horizontal, vertical and inclined position to produce a flat or plane ... The machine tool used for shaping operation is called shaper.


either by cutter path or shape •Other factors and terms: Milling is an interrupted cutting operation Cutting tool called a milling cutter, cutting edges called "teeth" Machine tool called a milling machine

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Principle of Operation of the Shaping Machine 1. Shaper machine is used for generating flat surfaces. 2. Single Point Tool reciprocates on the job. 3. Job is fed across the tool. 4. Tool is moved downward after completion of cross feed. 5. The length of stroke and position of stroke can be changed.

Notes on Slotting Machine: Parts and Operations

The slotting machine (slotter) is a reciprocating type of machine tool similar to a shaper or a planer machine.It may be considered as a vertical shaper. The main difference between a slotter and a shaper is the direction of the cutting action. The slotting machine operates in a manner similar to the shaper.

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Working with shaping process Gear shaper cutter are used for cutting gears that cannot be done with hobbing, such as internal gears and shoulder gears. When cutting a spline with removed tooth, combined tooth or unbalanced tooth thickness, normally shaper cutters are used.

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This set of Machine Tools Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on "Milling Machine Operations". 1. Shaping can be performed more effectively by _____ milling machine.


milling operations Milling is the process of machining flat, curved, orMilling machines are basically classified as vertical or irregular surfaces by feeding the workpiece against a rotating horizontal.

Lathe Operations Types and Cutting Tools

Lathe is a machine that helps in shaping several material pieces in the desired shapes. A lathe is a machine that rotates the piece on the axis in order to perform various operations like cutting, facing, knurling, deformation and more.

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Machining is manufacturing process that involves removing materials using cutting tools for getting rid of the unwanted materials from some workpiece and converting it into the shape you desire. A large piece of stock is used for cutting the workpiece.

Operation Performed On Shaping Machine Or Shaper.

The main functions of shaping machines are to produce flat surfaces in different planes. Fig. shows the basic principle of generation of flat surface by shaping machine.

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Shaper machine works on the quick return mechanism. It is used to shape the metal or make flat surfaces, making grooves and slots. It cuts the metal in one stroke in back motion or in froth motion and the remaining one is useless. The working of shaper machine can be described as follow.

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Advanced Machining Processes (electrical, chemical, thermal, hydrodynamic, lasers) • Automation began when lathes were introduced in 1700s • Now have computer numerical control (CNC) machines • Machining operations are a system consisting of: •Workpiece –material, properties, design, temperature ... shaping operations

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Lecture 8. Metal Cutting Cutting processes work by causing fracture of the material that is processed. Usually, the portion that is ... do the entire cutting process in a minimum number of setups; the task of determining the sequence of the ... Figure 4. Shaping machine and shaping operation …

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ο Quick return ratio in operations like shaping, planing, slotting, gear shaping etc. ... of material from the top flat surface of a block in a shaping machine. top view front view Fig. 4.9.3 Surfacing in shaping machine. Using Fig. 4.9.3, the total machining time, T C can …

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Some other machining applications of shaping machines are cutting external keyway and splines, smooth slitting or parting, cutting teeth of rack repair. Milling : Milling machine is one of the important machining operations. In this operation the workpiece is fed against a rotating cylindrical tool.

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A lathe machine is a machine tool which is used to remove metals from a workpiece to give a desired shape and size.; Lathe Machines are used in metalworking, wood turning, metal spinning, thermal spraying, glass working, and parts reclamation. The various other operations that you can perform with the help of Lathe Machine can include sanding, cutting, knurling, drilling, and deformation of ...

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Shaping (sometimes called slotting) is a machining process whereby a work piece is held on the machine table, which is then advanced into the path of a reciprocating ram, upon which is mounted a single-point cutting tool.

The Gear Hobbing Process

the blank will be hobbed in one operation (Fig. 4). This may eliminate finish turning of the gear blank, reducing machine operations. The outside diameter of the gear will be concentric with the operating pitch diameter of the gear. This win provide a locating surface for subsequent operations and a method of mea uring size.


thread cutting operation on lathe machine introduction the lathe is a machine tool removes the metal from a piece of work to give the required shape and size. by holding the work securely and rigidly on the machine and then turning it against cutting tool remove metalfrom the work in the form of chips

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It supports the body frame and the entire load of the machine. The base absorbs and withstands vibrations and other forces which are likely to be induced during the shaping operations. Body (Pillar, Frame, Column): It is mounted on the base and houses the drive mechanism compressing the main drives, the gear box and the quick return mechanism ...

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Broaching is a machining process with a special designed multi point cutting tool called broach. This process is widely used in automobile industries for machining various holes, key ways, gears etc. Broaching operation involves linear motion of tool about the work piece. This movement of tool removes material from work piece and provides a desired shape.

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For example, a rotary table allows a vertical shaper to machine curved surfaces. Applications. Shapers are preferred over other machining processes when a substantial amount of material must be removed or when a less expensive shaping process is preferred.

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The drilling process, or complete operation, involves selecting the proper twist drill or cutter for the job, properly installing the drill into the machine spindle, setting the speed and feed, starting the hole on center, and drilling the hole to specifications within the prescribed tolerance.

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The main advantage of the milling machine is that it can be used to perform literally any operation with a great degree of accuracy and hence it is an indispensable machine for any workshop worth its salt.

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Planing is a manufacturing process of material removal in which the workpiece reciprocates against a stationary cutting tool producing a plane or sculpted surface. Planing is analogous to shaping. The main difference between these two processes is that in shaping the …


MACHINING OPERATIONS AND MACHINE TOOLS. 1. Turning and Related Operations. 2. Drilling and Related Operations. 3. Milling ... process in which a single-point tool remove material from the surface of a rotating ... Other Machining Operations • Shaping and planing – A single-point tool moves linearly relative to the work part

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Milling - Machine Operations. Best Reference Books. Machine Tools and Machining Books. Next Page » ... Explanation: Only rolling, forging and sheet forming are included in forming and shaping process. Broaching is included in fabrication process. 3. Expendable mold and permanent mold are the parts of ____ manufacturing process. a) machining b ...