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Slag wool fiber has been classified as "not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans" (Group 3) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

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A. Slag-Wool-Fiber Board Safing Insulation: Semirigid boards designed for use as fire stop at openings between edge of slab and exterior wall panels, produced by combining slag-wool fibers with

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Slag, solid weighs 2.114 gram per cubic centimeter or 2 114 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. it's density is equal to 2 114 kg/m³. In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the Slag, solid density is equal to 131.972708708 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 1.221969525 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³] .

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Controlled density (CD), also called ceiling board, which is available only in 1/2" thickness and is significantly stiffer than regular white board. EcoRock, a drywall that uses a combination of 20 materials including recycled fly ash, slag, kiln dust and fillers and no starch cellulose; it is advertised as being environmentally friendly due to the use of recycled materials and an energy ...


The result of slag, granite and other minerals spun at high temperatures, USG mineral wool has a high fiber tensile strength and will not burn, rot or absorb moisture or odors. Note USG can accommodate all manufacturing processes to suit the applications listed above.

MF 182-6 Properties and Uses of Iron and Steel Slag

Properties and Uses of Iron and Steel Slag MF 182-6 NATIONAL SLAG ASSOCIATION Page 3 Table 2 Minerals of Air-cooled Blast Furnace Slag


cancer or mesoth elioma) lung disease and exposures to slag wool fibers and have not established a causal relationship between exposure to stone wool and malignant diseases. The synthetic mineral fibers used in these products come from both the United States and Europe a nd are exonerated

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Slag and Exterior Concrete ... cement mix must be warned that a mix containing GGBF slag may require a slightly longer set time and that there will be a ... Fly Ash, Slag…


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET RADAR TM ClimaPlusTM Ceiling Panels MSDS #41-200-052 Page 1 of 10 usg-radar-climaplus-high-cac-high-nrc-including-firecode-products-msds-en-41200053

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Slag is the glass-like by-product left over after a desired metal has been separated ... Historically, the re-smelting of iron ore slag was common practice, ...

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the installed density of shredded newspaper insulations, cellulose insulation may cause ceiling drywall to sag at high R-values when installed over ½ inch ceiling drywall with framing spaced 24 inches on centers. 7 Settling Fiber glass, rock wool and slag wool insulation products exhibit virtually no signs of settling or R-value loss over time. 8 On the other hand, another traditionally used ...

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Slag wool fiber Perlite Kaolin Cellulose Starch Limestone Calcium carbonate Impurities Chemical name Crystalline silica (Quartz) 1/8 USG BORAL ME Auratone Standard and ClimaPlus Base Material Acoustical Ceiling Panels USG BORAL ME Auratone Standard and ClimaPlus Base Material Acoustical Ceiling Panels Athena, Chessboard, Comet Line, Cross Fissured, Designer Series, Favia, Favia …

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The physical characteristics such as density, porosity, and particle size, are affected by the cooling rates and chemical composition. Depending on the cooling method, three types of iron slag are produced— air cooled, expanded, and granulated— that have different types of applications.

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Glass fiber's lower density means lower sound performance, according to sound tests conducted by USG. Evaluations of various densities and thicknesses showed that the best acoustical performance in mid- and high-frequency

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Acoustical Insulation Density and its role in Acoustical Performance By James Shriver, Director of Technical Services, Thermafi ber Inc. Sound control has become a signifi cant issue in our society.

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Here we discuss the properties, appearance, health hazards, and possible asbestos content in mineral wool insulation. This mineral wool or "rock wool" insulation article illustrates and describes mineral wool or "rock wool" and slag wool insulation materials.

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Title: Evaluation of health hazards by exposure to Mineral wools (glass, stone/slag, HT) and proposal of a health-based quality criterion for

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Foamed slag is distinguishable from air-cooled blast furnace slag by its relatively high porosity and low bulk density. Pelletized Blast Furnace Slag. If the molten slag is cooled and solidified with water and air quenched in a spinning drum, pellets, rather than a solid mass, can be produced. By controlling the process, the pellets can be made more crystalline, which is beneficial for ...


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MARS™ ClimaPlus™ MSDS #41-500-001 Page 2 of 10 exposures to airborne respirable crystalline silica can cause lung cancer.

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With high particle density and hardness, this slag has superior wear resistance and for this reason is used as an aggregate for asphalt concrete. In addition, due to its high angle of shearing resistance, high particle density, and large weight per unit volume, it is also used as a material for civil engineering works and as a ground improvement material (i.e., material for sand compaction ...


2017-07-20· What is claimed is: 1. A wet laid basemat for an acoustical tile made primarily of mineral fiber and binder of starch and/or latex, the mineral fiber being formed of slag and a natural rock content exceeding 6% by weight, the mineral fiber having a diameter of between 4.5 and 8.3 microns, the basemat having a density of between 11.4 ...


Common Name(s): Rock Wool, Slag Wool, Mineral Wool Batt or Felt Exposure Limits: OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV OTHER Total Dust 15mg/M 3 10mg/M 3 N.A.

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Commercial β-hemihydrate Plaster of Paris (CG) from USG Mexico and anhydrite from a fluorgypsum waste (FG) were used as calcium sulphate sources. Ground granulated blastfurnace slag from Altos Hornos de Mexico (GGBFS) was ball milled to a Blaine fineness of 4300 cm 2 /g.

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copper slag replacement as a fine aggregate on the ... Effect of copper slag as a fine aggregate on the properties of concrete 325 obtained from Seowon Co., Ltd. Effect of copper slag as a fine aggregate on the properties of concrete 325 obtained from Seowon Co., Ltd.


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The physical properties of iron and steel slags depend on the chemistry as well as the cooling condition and can be influenced by processing once the slag is removed from the furnace. Slow cooling, for example, generates crystalline blast furnace and steel slag. Quenching the liquid slag (e.g., granulation) on the other hand will generate a vitreous slag with latent hydraulic properties.